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Ethics Board


  • The Board of Ethics is hereby created and established, consisting of three (3) members, including a Chairman, to be appointed by the Board of Trustees, to serve without compensation, for a one-year term. One member of the Board of Ethics shall be an elected or appointed officer of the Village of East Hampton. The other two members shall not otherwise be officers or employees of the Village.
  • The Board of Ethics shall render advisory opinions to officers or employees of the Village of East Hampton with respect to this Code of Ethics and the provisions of Article 18 of the General Municipal Law. Such advisory opinions shall be rendered pursuant to the written request of any such officer or employee under such rules and regulations as the Board may prescribe and shall have the advice of counsel employed by the Board, or, if none, the Village Attorney. A written request may be submitted by a member of the Board of Ethics.
  • The Board of Ethics may make recommendations with respect to the drafting and adoption of a Code of Ethics or amendments thereto upon the request of the Board of Trustees


  • Meetings are upon request of the Chairman of the Board
  • Meetings (when requested) are public meetings available on LTV
  • Meetings start at 9am
  • For more information, contact Sue Dayton at (631) 324-4150 ext. 110
  • Watch Live:
  • Emergency Services Building
    1 Cedar Street
    Main Meeting Room
    East Hampton, NY 11937

Board Membership

  • Frank Newbold - Chair
  • Pamela Bennett - Village Clerk
  • Denis Brunelle - Member
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