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Aesthetics Committee


The Aesthetics Committee will oversee the aesthetic standards of the Village.  The Committee will be consulted and make recommendations for the physical appearance of the Village in regard to:

  • Architecture on village property.
  • New buildings and infrastructure (such as parking lots and roadways).
  • Temporary and permanent structures on village property.
  • Monitoring major changes, temporary and permanent, which will impact the existing. aesthetics and architectural elements of village property.
  • Placements of signs on interior and exterior space of buildings.
  • Placement of artwork on interior and exterior space of buildings.
  • Peripheral structures in and out of buildings, such as railings, display cases, lockers, bicycle racks and walkways on village property.
  • Coordinating the overall ambiance and beauty of village property.

Committee Membership

  • Carrie Doyle, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Amaden, Co-Chair
  • Lisa Larsen
  • Nathan Wool
  • Dywer Derrig
  • Michael Derrig
  • Erica Broberg
  • Mary Margaret Trousdale
  • Stephen Drucker
  • Frank Newbold
  • Larry Kane



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