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Pamela Bennett, Village Clerk

The Village Clerk’s duties include:

  • Acting as liaison between the citizens and the Village Board of Trustees.
  • Contact for the village with the public.
  • Coordinating various village functions and administrative tasks not assigned to other village officials.
  • Custody of books and records
  • Filing, publishing, and posting all notices.
  • Maintaining a record of all Village Resolutions and Local Laws.
  • Notifying New York State and Municipal Officials.
  • Preparing orders to pay all claims.
  • Producing books, records, and papers for inspection.
  • Recording all written notices of defect.
  • Responsibility for the minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  • Transmitting funds.
  • Village Permits including...
    • Environmental Assessment Form, Part 1
    • Film and Photography Permit
    • Village Parking and Beach Parking Permit
    • Special Event Permit

Frequently Requested Forms & Permits

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