Please consider watering your lawns conservatively.

Per §250-21, all irrigation and sprinkler systems shall not drain onto any public street, roadway or neighboring property. Learn More

As provided in Section 250-1 of the East Hampton Village Code, an excavation permit is required when renovating a driveway. This includes a new driveway, the relocation of a driveway, the elimination of a driveway, etc. Please call the Department of Public Works at 631-324-4150, option 4 for more information.

The Village accepts donations of trees. To Donate a tree to the Village, please contact the LVIS Tree Committee at 631-324-1220, or visit their website for more information on the Memorial Trees and Plaques.

The Village of East Hampton has numerous benches for the public’s enjoyment and many of these have been donated. If you wish to donate a bench, please fill out the Dedication/Memorial Bench Application, also found in The Department of Public Work’s frequently requested forms. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Jill Helm, Secretary to the Superintendent of Public Works, at 631-324-4150 ext. 700.

As rain or melting snow flows over roads, driveways and lawns, it can pick up pollutants like motor oil, fertilizers, litter and pet waste. This “stormwater” that is not absorbed and filtered by the ground is not treated and usually flows into a storm drain system or directly into nearby waterbodies. This becomes stormwater pollution and can be harmful to aquatic life and create human health risks.

Water Quality Report (PDF)

Storm Water & Pollution Prevention (PDF)

Where does rainwater go? (Flyer)

The Village of East Hampton is noted for its beautiful trees. This is the result of a public-private tree program that is over a hundred years old. The Department of Public Works partners with the Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) in taking care of trees in public areas of the Village including maintaining, removing, and replacing trees. In the event a tree must be removed, the Department of Public Works consults with the LVIS Tree Committee and an independent arborist before tree removal is approved.

Annual Leaf Pick-up Program

Pick-Up Timeline: The Department of Public Works picks up leaves on residential streets from the second week in October through the second week in December. Public notice of leaf pick-up appears in the East Hampton Star.

Pick-Up Guidelines: LEAVES ONLY. Leaves should be left for pick-up on the edge of your property, but not in the road. Piles containing brush, branches, grass, ornamental grass, or trash will NOT be picked up.

DO NOT pile leaves around trees, signposts, or fire hydrants.

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