Please consider watering your lawns conservatively.

Per ยง250-21, all irrigation and sprinkler systems shall not drain onto any public street, roadway or neighboring property. Learn More


Board Liaison: Trustee Sandra Melendez Esq.

David Collins
Superintendent of Public Works

(631) 324-4150 ext. 700
Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED


A division of the Department of Public Works, our professional staff clean and maintain:

  • The Emergency Services Building (Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service Department, Police Department, Emergency Communications, Fire Safety, and supporting offices.
  • Village Hall.
  • The Building Department, also known as the Lamb House.
  • The Sea Spray Cottages, consisting of 14 buildings located off of Main Beach.
  • The Herrick Park Public Restroom, also known as The Privy.
  • All Public Restrooms at the Beach Heads, seasonally.
  • The Northwest Fire Sub-Station.
  • The Airport CFR Sub-Station.
  • The Department of Public Works locker room and supporting offices.
  • In addition to the maintenance of 15 other buildings.


Ivan Giacome Resident Handyman
Tyler Pond Custodian II - Supervisor
Alexis Martinez Custodian
Hazel Pazmino Custodian
Katrina Miller Custodian
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