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Paying Property Taxes


Susan Steckowski
Tax Receiver

(631) 324-4150 ext. 520
Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm
Saturday + Sunday: CLOSED

Village residents pay taxes to the Village and the Town of East Hampton.

East Hampton Town taxes are paid separately.  Village properties are assessed by the Town of East Hampton Assessor's Office in Town Hall. The assessed value of a residential property in the village averages approximately 2% to 4% of the market value of that property.

Due Date / Payments

Village taxes are due during the month of August (the village's fiscal year is August 1st to July 31st). Payment must be received in Village Hall, or U.S. postmarked, no later than August 31st to avoid penalty.

Tax bills are mailed on August first. However, taxes are due even if you do not receive a tax bill. It is your responsibility to pay your taxes on time. Please notify the village if you need to change your mailing address.

Advanced or Late Payments

Advance payment of taxes is not accepted. Penalties for late payments are required by law. The late penalty is 5% of taxes due. The penalty is 5% of amount due for the month of September, and an additional 1% per month for every month thereafter. The village holds a public sale during the month of May on properties with unpaid taxes.

Payment Methods

Payment of taxes can be made by credit card (icon/link above), cash, money order, or check - make payable to Receiver of Taxes.

Change of Mailing Address

It is the village homeowner's responsibility to communicate a change of mailing address to the Village Tax Receiver. Please utilize the Change of Mailing Address Form on this page so that your Tax Bill/Tax Receipt is mailed to the correct address. You may return your completed form to Susan Steckowski via email: ssteckowski@easthamptonvillage.org or by Mail. Please note this is separate from providing East Hampton Town with your change of mailing address.

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