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Herrick Park Renovation: Phase IA

Details and Updates

Contractor: The LandTek Group Inc.


  • ADA Compliant cement walkway installed around the parameters of the park.
  • A brand-new softball field accompanied with dugouts.
  • Brand new tennis courts (3).
  • A full-size football field.


  • The basketball court will be moved to a separate portion of the park. Removing it from the location it originally was in provided more space for the football field to be enlarged to resemble a full-size field. Prior to this renovation the football field was 3/4s the size of a standard football field.
  • There had been discussion of pickleball courts being part of this phase of the renovation. We are sensitive to the comments and feedback of our community and have decided to establish pickleball courts in an alternate area of the park in a later phase of the renovation.

Estimated Finish Date of this portion of the renovation: Complete!

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