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All Documents, Forms, and Permits

2023 Building Department Fee Schedule PDF (3.9 MB)
Affidavit of Actual Cost PDF (2.2 MB)
Application for License to Rent Guest Rooms PDF (1.2 MB)
Authorization for Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy PDF (395 KB)
Building Permit Application 2023 PDF (1 MB)
Certificate of Occupancy Application PDF (68 KB)
Coastal Erosion Management Application PDF (457 KB)
Demolition Permit Application PDF (579 KB)
Domestic Hot Water Supply Solder and Anti Scald-Thermal Shock Prevention Certificate of Compliance Application PDF (348 KB)
Electrical Inspection Agencies Approved as of January 1, 2020 PDF (356 KB)
Garage Sale Permit Application PDF (1.3 MB)
Gas Supply Line Installation Certificate PDF (1.9 MB)
Gross Floor Area (GFA) Certification for Existing or As-Built Buildings PDF (594 KB)
Gross Floor Area (GFA) Certification for Proposed Buildings PDF (679 KB)
In Ground or Above Ground LGP Tank Installation Application PDF (1.2 MB)
Instructions for Building Permit Application PDF (2.5 MB)
Limited Work Permit Application PDF (593 KB)
Residential Duct and Envelope Testing (DET) Form PDF (347 KB)
Site Plan and Survey Requirements PDF (760 KB)
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Affidavit PDF (4.6 MB)
Structure Moving Permit Application PDF (673 KB)
Temporary Outdoor Dining Application 2023 PDF (217 KB)
Temporary Sign Permit Application PDF (1.1 MB)
Tree Protection Zone PDF (189 KB)
Village of East Hampton Zoning Map PDF (826 KB)
Wetland Permit Application PDF (473 KB)
Wetlands Flagging Information 2023-2024 PDF (464 KB)
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