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All Documents, Forms, and Permits

2023 Building Department Fee Schedule PDF (3.9 MB)
A Brief History of our Village Hall PDF (505 KB)
Affidavit of Actual Cost PDF (2.2 MB)
Alarm Registration Application PDF (61 KB)
Annual Fire Alarm Testing PDF (229 KB)
Application and Review Process General Instructions PDF (60 KB)
Application for License to Rent Guest Rooms PDF (1.2 MB)
Application for Planters PDF (67 KB)
Authorization for Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy PDF (395 KB)
Awning Permit Application PDF (81 KB)
Bonfire Advisory PDF (8.1 KB)
Building Permit Application 2023 PDF (1 MB)
Certificate of Occupancy Application PDF (68 KB)
Change of Mailing Address Form PDF (145 KB)
Claim Voucher PDF (287 KB)
Coastal Erosion Management Application PDF (457 KB)
Dedication/Memorial Bench Application PDF (163 KB)
Demolition Permit Application PDF (579 KB)
Design and Site Plan Application PDF (70 KB)
Design Guidelines for the Villages Commercial Districts PDF (3.7 MB)
Domestic Hot Water Supply Solder and Anti Scald-Thermal Shock Prevention Certificate of Compliance Application PDF (348 KB)
DRB Miscellaneous Application PDF (91 KB)
East Hampton Village Emergency Medical Service New Member Application PDF (796 KB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2012 PDF (4 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2013 PDF (4.7 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2014 PDF (5 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2015 PDF (5.2 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2017 PDF (6 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2018 PDF (7 MB)
EHV Audit for the year ending 7/31/2019 PDF (20 MB)
EHVPD Police Reform Review Report PDF (1.9 MB)
Electrical Inspection Agencies Approved as of January 1, 2020 PDF (356 KB)
Environmental Assessment Form Part I PDF (58 KB)
Excavation Permit PDF (107 KB)
Film and Photo Shoots PDF (33 KB)
Fire Suppression System Certificate of Completion PDF (282 KB)
Fire Watch Instructions PDF (238 KB)
FY 2021 – Adopted Budget PDF (1.6 MB)
FY 2022 – Adopted Budget PDF (3 MB)
FY 2023 – Adopted Budget PDF (13 MB)
FY 2024- Adopted Budget PDF (2 MB)
Garage Sale Permit Application PDF (1.3 MB)
Gas Supply Line Installation Certificate PDF (1.9 MB)
Gross Floor Area (GFA) Certification for Existing or As-Built Buildings PDF (100 KB)
Gross Floor Area (GFA) Certification for Proposed Buildings PDF (101 KB)
Guidelines for a Landscaped Buffer PDF (249 KB)
Guidelines for Vacant and Closed Store Windows PDF (500 KB)
Historic District Application – Certificate of Appropriateness PDF (24 KB)
Historic Preservation of the Village of East Hampton PDF (1.8 MB)
History – The Village of East Hampton PDF (32 KB)
Huntting Lane Historic District Design Review Manual PDF (1.5 MB)
In Ground or Above Ground LGP Tank Installation Application PDF (1.2 MB)
Instructions for Building Permit Application PDF (2.5 MB)
Kitchen Hood Inspection PDF (239 KB)
Knox Box Ordering Instructions PDF (243 KB)
Landscaper License Application PDF (74 KB)
Limited Work Permit Application PDF (593 KB)
Local Law – Sanitary Systems DOC (49 KB)
Long Term Parking Requirements DOC (30 KB)
Main Street Historic District Design Review Manual PDF (1.5 MB)
MS4 2023 Draft Annual Report PDF (2.6 MB)
Ocean Avenue Historic District Design Review Manual PDF (3.5 MB)
Rental (Seasonal Use Dwelling Unit) Registry PDF (301 KB)
Residential Duct and Envelope Testing (DET) Form PDF (347 KB)
Rip Current Fact Sheet
Rule & Procedure No: 501 – Operations – Use of Deadly Physical Force PDF (131 KB)
Rule & Procedure No: 502 – Operations – Use of Physical Force (Non-Lethal) PDF (181 KB)
Sign Permit Application PDF (18 KB)
Site Plan and Survey Requirements PDF (760 KB)
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Affidavit PDF (4.6 MB)
Special Event Application and Permit PDF (1.9 MB)
Storm Water Flier PDF (851 KB)
Storm Water Pollution Prevention PDF (468 KB)
Streets XLSX (18 KB)
Structure Moving Permit Application PDF (673 KB)
Subdivision Application PDF (67 KB)
Suffolk County Application for Employment PDF (98 KB)
Temporary Outdoor Dining Application 2024 PDF (228 KB)
Temporary Sign Permit Application PDF (1.1 MB)
Tent Permit Application PDF (566 KB)
The Hook Historic District Design Review Manual PDF (1.3 MB)
Timber Frame Landmarks, 1700-1850 Guidelines PDF (1 MB)
Tree Protection Zone PDF (189 KB)
Village East Hampton Comprehensive Plan PDF (13 MB)
Village of East Hampton Zoning Map PDF (826 KB)
W-9 PDF (144 KB)
Water Quality Report PDF (14 MB)
Water Sprinkler System Report of Inspection 2023 PDF (246 KB)
Wetland Permit Application PDF (473 KB)
Wetlands Flagging Information 2023-2024 PDF (464 KB)
ZBA Special Permit Application PDF (70 KB)
ZBA Variance Application with Instructions PDF (954 KB)
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