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(631) 324-4150 ext. 720


Deputy Superintendent of Public Works

Public WorksVillage Staff

Michael Bouker

Michael Bouker is the Village’s Deputy Superintendent of Public Works. He helps oversee maintenance of roads, sidewalks, village buildings and public spaces to ensure they stay beautiful, functional and safe.

Michael leads both proactively and in response to the unexpected. “You’re never sure what your day to day will be,” he says. “A giant tree could fall down, a truck could spill concrete over the road, or it could be a beautiful sunny day and nothing bad happens.” When unexpected incidents do arise, Michael visits the scene and coordinates the response, working with partners in the Fire Department and Police Department as needed.

Michael has been with the Village full time since 1994, and part time with the Department of Public Works since 1991. “I really enjoy my time with the Village,” he says. His favorite part of his job? “Working with my coworkers.”

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