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Next week, April 8th through 12th, the Village will be paving the following streets: Davids Lane, Hither Lane, and Cross Highway.



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Assistant Beach Manager


Lee Bertrand

Assistant Beach Manager Lee Bertrand has been a popular presence at Main Beach for more than 20 years. A Captain-Ranked Lifeguard, Lee co-manages operations on the pavilion – ensuring the area stays clean; supervising the beach attendants; and interacting with the public. He is also Director of the Village’s Junior Lifeguard Program, (for ages nine to fifteen).

Villagers might also know Lee’s name for another reason: he is the Village’s primary photographer. You can view his stunning pictures throughout the Village website, on the Village social media channels, and on countless other printed materials.

Lee was hired as a Main Beach Deck Attendant at the age of fourteen, and became an ocean lifeguard two years later, working his way up through the ranks as Lieutenant and eventually up to Captain of the Lifeguards.

In 2011, he moved to San Diego, where he teaches elementary school art in the off-season. There, he continued his training in drowning prevention and became a swim instructor for children with special needs.

Aside from drowning prevention, Lee is most passionate about pursuing a life of adventure, while capturing Earth’s natural beauty. He has chased the Northern Lights, dived with 21 species of sharks, and swum with wild orcas in the Sea of Cortez. His life’s goal is to experience as many “once-in-a-lifetime experiences as possible!”

Lee’s favorite part of the job? “Communicating with the public. I love meeting people, remembering their names, and being a friendly and approachable face for any questions or concerns. Marcos Baladrón, our Village Administrator, once referred to me as the ‘Maitre D’ of Main Beach,’ and I love it!”

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