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(631) 324-4150 ext. 800


Assistant Beach Manager


Diane O’Donnell

Diane O’Donnell has, perhaps, the most remarkable office in East Hampton: when she opens her door, she’s on Main Beach.

As Assistant Beach Manager, Diane handles the Beach Department’s payroll; tracks inventory; and manages the orders and vouchers required to pay for beach supplies. She also processes paperwork for the Junior Lifeguard Program; ensures the pavilion at Main Beach looks pristine; and co-supervises the Deck Attendants.

Diane answers a lot of questions:

-“When does parking go into effect?” [Generally, May 15th].

-“How much does a permit cost?” [Updated yearly].

-“If I park in fifteen-minute parking, will I get a ticket if I stay longer?” [Yes.]

-“Why can’t we park in lot one? [You can, if you have a locker… There is currently a multi-year waiting list.]

She also grants temporary parking permits for Village residents who weren’t able to get passes during the week, but are in town for the weekend.

Diane joined the Village as an employee in 2019, after years of serving the community. A volunteer EMT since 2003, she treasures being able to help: “When people call the ambulance,” Diane says, “they’re generally in some sort of distress and, even if it’s minor, having someone come who knows how to help you — it’s important to them.”

An avid runner, Diane has been a Track/Cross Country Coach at East Hampton High School since 1991. She is enthusiastic about reading and traveling.

“I love working at the beach,” Diane says, “It’s a great place to be in the summertime. Every day is different. There’s always something going on and something to see.”

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