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Pamela Bennett

Village Clerk Pam Bennett joined the team at Village Hall in 1979, and her deep awareness of Village workings has made her an invaluable source of general office knowledge.


Amongst Pam’s primary jobs is coordinating applications for the Planning Board, Design Review Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals. She handles applications and documents meetings, to keep operations running smoothly and to ensure that all happenings stay transparent so that people who might be affected by a property owner’s application can have the opportunity to have their say. (She encourages citizens to visit the village website to view upcoming board agendas.)


Pam, a member of the Village’s Ethics Board, maintains property records in digital form dating back to the conception of village records, primarily using the computer software program, Laserfiche (which residents can search from their homes). Back in 2011, she helped lead this charge to turn paper files into digital files in order to make things “infinitely” more searchable while, at the same time, “protecting our history” by safeguarding documents in backed-up digital format. This enables anyone access to deeds and other property history documents. As she says, “There’s a lot of information in this office and it’s basically at our fingertips.”


Pam’s favorite part of the job? “I like the people I get to interact with.”

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