Code Enforcement

About Code Enforcement

The Department of Code Enforcement combines the traditional roles and duties of the Building Inspector, Fire Marshal, Zoning Inspector, and the myriad of titles and duties normally found in local government. 

In the effort to keep our village government proportional to our geographic scale, many of our local laws are enforceable by more than one office or official - the roles and responsibilities are shared such that the multitude of services and attention required can be provided without an oversized bureaucracy.

Code Enforcement Officers

Because our village is relatively small, we currently have three Code Enforcement Officers, two assigned to the Office of Building and Zoning and one to the Office of Fire Prevention - although each officer is fully capable and available in either capacity for maximum flexibility, economy and efficiency of scale.

The Code Enforcement Officers for the Office of Building and Zoning are Ken Collum, Kent Howie and Rob Jahoda, and the secretary for the Office is Linda Beyer. Please note that we are using email for communication but do not process applications made via email.