Additional History Information

For more on the history of East Hampton, call for an appointment to see the Long Island Collection at the East Hampton Library. Also see The East Hampton Historical Collection consisting of lectures, books, photos, illustrations, posters, maps, and a documentary video - all for sale at the Library. You can contact the East Hampton Library at 631-324-0222, via fax at: 631-329-7184, and on the East Hampton Library website.

Mulford Farm

An old wooden house with trees in the background

About Mulford Farm

The Mulford Farm on James Lane was built in the last quarter of the 1600's by Captain Josiah Hobart. A year after his death in 1711, it was sold to Samuel Mulford. The Mulford descendants continued to live in the house until World War II, thus its present name. 

The East Hampton Historical Society acquired the farmstead in 1948.