Public Works

The Village of East Hampton Department of Public Works maintains property owned by the village. It provides services for the well-being and convenience of village residents. It maintains all fire, police, and public works vehicles and equipment.

Leaf Pick-up

The department picks up leaves on residential streets from the second week in October through the second week in December. Public notice of leaf pick-up appears in the East Hampton Star two weeks prior to the start of the program and runs throughout the period.

Leaves should be left for pick-up on the edge of your property but not in the road. Leaves only, no brush, branches, or trash.

Snow Removal and Sanding

The department of public works is responsible for snow removal and sanding roads in the village.


The village of East Hampton is noted for its beautiful trees. This is the result of a public-private tree program over a hundred years old. The department of public works partners with the Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) in taking care of trees in public areas of the village including maintaining, removing, and replacing trees. In the event a tree must be removed, the department of public works consults with the LVIS Tree Committee and an independent arborist before tree removal is approved.

The village accepts donations of trees. To donate a tree to the village, contact the LVIS Tree Committee at (631) 324-1220.

In an emergency involving a tree, for example, a tree being damaged in a storm, call the Village Police Department.


Many visitors to the village abuse our hospitality by littering. Littering despoils the village's renowned beauty and is costly to taxpayers. Hours of weekly cleanup adds to the work schedule of the department of public works. Residents and visitors are asked to cooperate in the effort to keep the village free of litter. Household refuse is not allowed in public trash receptacles. Violators of the village litter laws are subject to substantial fines. The village of East Hampton is one of the most beautiful in the country. Make sure you do your part to keep it that way.

Village Streets

The village owns the streets in the village. However, streets are wider than the paved portion of the street. The village owns the land on either side of the paved portion of the street, as well. Many residents mistakenly believe that their property begins at the edge of the street. How much land the village owns on either side of the paved portion of the street varies from street to street. If you are landscaping your property, call the department of public works to determine where the village property ends and your property begins. The village prohibits obstructions, such as shrubbery, hedges, trees, vegetation, rock walls and fences that interfere with the passage of vehicles or with the vision of motorists. The village reserves the right to remove such obstructions at the owner's expense.

Public Utilities

The village installs and maintains sidewalks, curbs, streets, and trees. It does not install and maintain electric lines, cable lines, telephone lines, or facilities for sewage and water. If you have a problem or question pertaining to these public utilities, call the respective utility company.

For more information contact:
Scott Fithian, Superintendent of Public Works
Jill Helm, Secretary to Superintendent of Public Works

Public Works Permit

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