Zoning Board of Appeals


  • 11 a.m.
  • 2nd Friday of each month
  • Emergency Services Building
    1 Cedar Street
    Main Meeting Room
    East Hampton, 11937


                                                                              TERM EXPIRES

  • John L. McGuirk III, Chairman                           2026
  • James H. McMullan, Vice Chair                         2025
  • Andrew Baris                                                      2026
  • Philip O'Connell                                                  2023
  • Joseph B. Rose                                                  2025
  • Abigail Lamb, Alternate                                      2025
  • Shahab Karmely, Alternate                                2026


The Board of Trustees of the Village is responsible for the adoption of the zoning law and amendments. The zoning law is the basis on which the Zoning Board of Appeals works. Zoning regulations are adopted in accordance with the Village’s comprehensive plan.


The Board of Appeals has jurisdiction to hear and decide the following:

  • Appeals: Applications brought by aggrieved persons from interpretations of the village code made by the building inspector or from other determinations made by him.
  • Interpretations: Applications brought directly to the Board of Appeals by any local agency for interpretations of provisions of the village code.
  • Variances: Applications brought by persons for variances from the strict application of provisions of the village code.
  • Special Permits: Applications brought by persons for special permits.

Additional Information

For more information on zoning, planning, and design review, contact Pam Bennett, Village Clerk.