Parking in Village Center

Parking in Village Center

The Village strictly controls parking in Village parking lots and on Village streets. It has no jurisdiction over private parking lots owned by commercial businesses. Violation of Village parking regulations can result in vehicle immobilization or towing and a mandatory fine. Village regulated parking lots include the following.

Reutershan Parking Lot

This lot is located between Herrick Park and the stores on Main Street. Two-hour maximum from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from May 1st until December 31st. Also two hour maximum on Fridays, Saturdays and Federal Holidays from January 1st until April 30th. You are required to take a free ticket at the entrance to the lot and display it on the driver's side of your dashboard. Failure to display the entrance ticket may result in a mandatory fine.

Schenck Parking Lot

The Schenck Parking Lot is located behind the stores on the northeast side of Newtown Lane. Same regulations as the Reutershan Parking Lot.

Lumber Lane Parking Lot

This lot is located off Lumber Lane and Gingerbread Lane Extension and bordering Herrick Park. Divided into two lots, one for daily parking (closest to Herrick Park) and one for long-term parking (closest to train station.) Unlimited free daily parking year round in daily parking area. Overnight parking for a maximum of 14 nights is free to Village residents displaying a valid Village parking permit and costs $5 per night for non-residents without a valid non-resident long term parking permit. There is a ticket machine in the middle parking lot. It does not take credit cards. 

An annual long-term parking permit costs $250 and is available to East Hampton Town residents outside the village.  Parking permit applications are available at Village Hall and on this website. Town residents should bring proof of residency and a valid vehicle registration.

Street Parking

Street parking in the business district is restricted to a one-hour maximum from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. year round. Read and obey signs for parking on residential streets and at the train station. Parking on some residential streets is prohibited or restricted and strictly enforced.