About the Police Department 

The East Hampton Village Police Department is a full-service police department. It provides a full range of law enforcement services to the Village of East Hampton, including:

  • Patrols
  • Investigative Support
  • Law Enforcement Programs
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Emergency Services Unit (ESU)

The Chief of Police, assisted by the Executive Officer, oversees the activities of the Police Department. Department functions are organized into three divisions: the Patrol Division, the Detective Division, and the Emergency Communications Division.


The Police Department currently has 22 full-time permanent personnel, including police officers, detectives, and administrative staff.

During the summer season, the number of personnel expands to include a number of temporary seasonal police officers (SPOs) and temporary traffic control officers (TCOs). 

SPOs are fully trained police academy graduates who provide foot patrols in the commercial core and maintain peace in the evening hours and at night. The TCOs direct traffic in the commercial core and enforce parking regulations.


The Police Department Headquarters is located at the Emergency Services Building at One Cedar Street. The building houses a modern fully equipped police facility, including administrative offices, emergency communications center, offices and support facilities for police officers and detectives, as well as facilities for booking, temporary detention, and evidence storage. The building currently houses 40 Police, Dispatch and EMT personnel.

Patrol Areas

The Village is divided into a number of police patrol areas. Each area is patrolled on a continuous basis. During each of three daily shifts, a sergeant and two police officers are on duty patrolling the village. The Department currently has a fleet of 11 vehicles, including six patrol cars, two detective cars, two four-wheel drive vehicles, an emergency communications vehicle, two motorcycles and one all-terrain vehicle. The current response time within the Village is fewer than three minutes.


The East Hampton Village Police Department is a New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services Accredited law enforcement agency. The Village Police Department remains committed to continuing this high level of professionalism and training within the department. This will allow the Department to continue to protect all residents and visitors through effective and efficient departmental operations and policies.